About Us

We're Amélie Co, a small brand with big dreams! We aim to empower girls and women all over the world by offering classy vintage-style pieces that remind us of the good old times, but also embrace 2020's version of "vintage".

But what sets us apart?

We spend a substantial amount of time selecting and curating our products, making sure they're top quality but at the same time keeping each item as affordable as possible! Full disclosure: we operate on thin margins because we believe in the power of volume. The more, the merrier!

Ultimately, as a global brand, we just want our brand and products to be as straightforward and accessible to as many people as possible. ❤️ 

Hope you enjoy your stay at Amélie as much as we enjoy having you. Happy shopping! #ShopAmelie #ModernVintage #90s #Y2KAesthetic